VIS COMPANY Ltd. is a private company that made the greatest market entry by its products within the passive fire protection. In its permanent production there are more than 20 various products with many sub-versions manufactured by it in its own plant at Altina.

Oriented to the local clients, the company developed a series of evaporation autonomous units for the air humidity, enabling efficient moisturizing with precise control and moisture level regulation through a wide range of application zones. Its air moisturizer is an excellent selection for maintenance of the necessary air humidity level in various purpose rooms, such as food industry and groceries storing (fruits, vegetables), printing industry, woodworking industry and furniture production, museums, computer centers, mushroom growing and anywhere the air humidity is required within the controlled parameters.

ViS Company

Since 2012, filter manufacturing for the air passive filtration in HVAC systems or commercial plants has been fully developed, in order to protect the living and working environment. The company has got capacities for manufacturing of basic types of rough and fine filters in the form panel, cassette or bag ones. The used material classes are from G2 to F9. It also offers absolute filters of the class E10 to H14 from Eurovent certified manufacturers.