The most important woodworking industry events in this part of Europe – 54th International Fair of Furniture, Equipment and Interior Decoration and the 54th International Fair of Woodworking Machines, Tools and Production Materials are closed.

Almost 67.5 thousand visitors enjoyed the exhibits displayed at 55 thousand square meters by more than 520 exhibitors from about fifty countries. The Fair was visited by general audience, interested in their home and other space furnishing, but the number of business visitors has been considerably increased.

In accordance with the slogan “Furniture Fair – Now” the current situation in the furniture and woodworking industry in the region was presented, including all stages and factors – from primary woodworkers to the final product and the interior furnishing manufacturers.

Designer innovativeness, fresh ideas, the use of new technologies and platforms, digitizing in the woodworking industry are some of the characteristics of this year’s Belgrade Furniture Fair. The event focus were the companies oriented to design, innovations, quality and operational furniture manufacturing and the state-of-the-art woodworking machines and tools were featured, as well.

The Furniture Fair “made” a significant step forward in the set objective accomplishing – to become the third large fair of this type in Europe – after Cologne and Milan. The local companies showed their wish and power to adapt to the market and participate as competition in the European and global economic trends. Major global companies had the role of exhibitors after a long break again and many renowned global brands were presented, as well.

The most important innovation at this year’s event were Design Talks with designers and architects. In the pleasant Fair atmosphere, the attendees and visitors exchanged their experiences and ideas.

The Investment Conference on the Furniture Industry in Serbia “Serbian Furniture Industry Conference”, organized by Belgrade Fair and the Development Agency of Serbia was held, as well. This expert get together featured the potentials of the Serbian furniture industry, investment opportunities, as well as the former investors’ experiences.

Representatives of the German-Serbian Business Association concluded the wood was an important product of Serbian economy and a great potential of the local economics and a new national development strategy of Serbian woodworking industry was announced.

Special attention was attracted by the Young Designer Exhibition, which was an excellent opportunity for the young authors promotions and situation presentation in the contemporary design.

The international jury estimated five exhibitors deserved the Golden Key award at the 54th Furniture Fair. The best product is Elle chair of the designer Nataša Perković, manufactured in the MS&WOOD company from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the best related component is the Opposite mirror, manufactured in the GIR company from Kraljevo, drawn by the authors of Presek Design Studio. MITJA company from Slovenia won the Golden Key for the best Fair attendance. The best furnishing furniture was exhibited by Prostoria from Croatia – it was Seam sofa and its design was signed by Böttcher Henssler Kayser. The best young designer this year came from the Presek Design Studio.