Slovenia is a beautiful green country, where the story of thermal and mineral curative, revitalizing and caring water may be heard anywhere. Orhidelio, the most prestigious and awarded Wellness in Slovenia, has to be visited, Donat or Radenska should be drunk for health, Honey and Fruit Bath in Thermana Laško should be tried, enjoy like the Ancient Romans in Roman Thermae Spa, renew the spine by Pohorje peat shell in Zreče Spa, have a good time with family in Čatež Spa or try the Thalassotherapy in Strunjan Spa.

Fourteen certified Slovenian natural spas as modern health and welfare resorts place Slovenia at the peak of European tourism offer. From Pannonian Plain in the East, where most Slovenian spas are located at one place, through the Southeast part of the country, the spas are spread all the way to the sunny Adriatic Coast.

All those who experience the intact Slovenian nature along with the intoxicating aroma of fresh air and clean potable water, return easy into this interesting green oasis. From Ljubljana and Central Slovenia just an hour or two of driving to the South, East or West of the country divides the tourists from health and relaxation in thermal mineral or salt water. Slovenian healthy water have been present for centuries in the stories of salutary water and other natural curative factors, of the source of health and welfare. Almost 100 natural thermal springs with the water temperature of 32 to 73 degrees are the greatest wealth of Slovenia.