Within the Furniture Fair Side Event Program, Serbian Wood Industry Cluster organized the Employment Fair in the Woodworking and Furniture Industry. The get together was held under the auspices of the Development Agency of Serbia. Beside panel discussion, special attention was attracted by the Workshop under the title Self-Employment in the Woodworking and Furniture Industry.

This is the second Employment Fair in the woodworking industry and the pilot project was executed end of June at the Faculty of Forestry. The objective of these get together events is the connection of individuals and the relevant authorities dealing within this economic branch, in order to coordinate their activities through direct meetings.

Klaster drvoprerađivača organizovao Sajam zapošljavanja

Many companies, schools, Faculties and the institutions dealing business with the woodworking and furniture industry or can deal it, featured at Belgrade Fair. Since the woodworking industry is one of the priorities in the Serbian economy, the experts in this branch believe it is slowly getting the deserved position. Owing to the convenient business climate, the increasing number of young people want to manufacture furniture and get their opportunity by the wooden interior creation.

The Woodworking Industry Employment Fair contributes to the connection between all participants in the woodworking industry chain – from designers, through manufacturers, up to the global exhibitions. The schools and Faculties educating this economic branch staff should not be forgotten, either.