At this year’s International Fair of Furniture, Equipment and Interior Decoration, an outstanding product range of the local exhibitors will be presented, from the companies with a long tradition in the furniture manufacturing and sales, up to the high quality new small companies from the whole Serbia. All participants are characteristic for the design quality and the approach originality.

GIR – kvalitetan nameštaj prefinjenog dizajna

GIR – high quality furniture with fine design

At Belgrade Fair Hall 3, the furniture of this manufacturer from Kraljevo is presented also this year. GIR company creates contemporary and functional furniture, easy to apply in various spaces, providing it with special and balanced character. GIR is the brand highlighted at previous exhibiting editions, both at the audience and through the awards. Increasingly popular, their furniture ‘is recognized’ by young people, but also all those having as selection priority high quality and balanced designed contemporary furniture.

“We are committed to the quality without compromise and strongly oriented to the design identified in the clear, refined and modern shape”.

Simpo u hali 3A

Simpo at the Hall 3A

Simpo is the regional leader in the furniture manufacturing and sales. At the same time, Simpo is the most frequent buyers’ selection as regarding the local brands. This company with a long tradition and great experience creates comfortable, high quality and esthetically balanced furniture. Thus it fits easy into various atmospheres.

“There is a story the soul makes a man and we say only the furniture with soul makes human space”

ATLAS – kvalitetan nameštaj, uređenje, adaptacija i oplemenjivanje enterijera

ATLAS – High quality furniture, interior furnishing, adapting and enhancing

For the ATLAS company from Užice high esthetic values, modern design and uncompromising quality are the standards they have been obeying for more than 20 years. The cooperation with famous European and local designers, selection of high quality materials, fabrics, leather, as well as the passion the skilled masters’ hands bring into each product, contributed to the fact that Atlas at present takes an important place in the furniture world.

Catra Home Fashion – monumentalni komadi od punog drveta, kože i perja

Catra Home Fashion – monumental pieces from hardwood, leather and feathers

Catra is a brand from Vranje manufacturing high quality furniture from leather and hardwood. Their elegant and impressive pieces provide string character to the space they are in. The highest quality leather, hardwood and the supreme production make these pieces looking increasingly good in time.

“In the durable and resistant furniture production, we use modern high technology, but the key is in the handmade and craft manufacturing“.

Dsignedby – savremen i održiv pristup dizajnu

Dsygnedby – contemporary and sustainable approach to design

Dsygnedby is a brand from Belgrade and one of internationally most successful local design studios. It deals in development of innovative products with contemporary and unique design and the main characteristic of their work is the integration of the state of the art light effects into design, which understands the use of OLED technology. Dsygnedby creates the products which create a specific atmosphere and you may visit the stand of this popular brand at Belgrade Fair Hall 3.

Plus Minus – nameštaj od drveta

Plus Minus – wooden furniture

Plus Minus is a new company from Jagodina, manufacturing wooden furniture. The main focus of this family brand are chairs and upholstered furniture. Plus Minus creates contemporary design pieces easily applicable in various spaces, both private and public ones.

“We deal in manufacturing of furniture with unique design, as well as production of complete interior spaces according to the investor’s technical design documents”.

Hookl and Stool – masivan nameštaj od oraha i hrasta

Hookl und Stool – hard nut and oak wood furniture

Hookl und Stool is a new company from Belgrade, dealing in manufacturing of high quality, functional and original furniture. Hookl und Stool combines contemporary design, traditional crafts and innovative technologies, which results in attractive and impressive products. Furniture Fair visitors will get to know their furniture at the stand at Hall 3.

Extraform – kvalitetan, moderan i izbalansiran nameštaj

Extraform – high quality, modern and balanced furniture

Exstraform is a company from Senta with the tradition of participation in the Fair in Belgrade. Like in previous years, the visitors will have the opportunity to see this outstanding comfortable, practical and attractively designed furniture.

“Connecting of contemporary factory production and the craft, handmade one, creates the complete Extraform product”.