The final day of the 40th Exhibition and Conference – Fire and Rescue, Occupational Safety and Health – 112 EXPO will be marked also by outstanding Side Event Program.

At the Large Conference hall of Belgrade Fair Hall 4, at 11:00 – 12:45, the Conference Block, organized by Emergency Management Sector of Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, „Agreements within the Fire Protection as a Part of the United Procedure in accordance with the New Plan and Construction Law” was scheduled.

At the same venue, at 12:50 – 15:00, within the Good Practice, problems will be analyzed at “Knowledge improvement of the occupational safety and health staff”, organized by several competent institutions and organizations.

At the same time, but at the Small Conference Hall of the Hall 4, the Public class for the primary school pupils will be held under the title „Occupational Safety and Health“.

At the Small Conference Hall, at 13:00 – 15:00, the traditional Student competition within the occupational safety and health and fire protection – Case Study will be organized and attended by several High Schools and Governmental institutions.

The Side Event Program, but also this year’s trade fair 112 EXPO should be closed by the Round Table Conference “Capacity Increase and Strengthening of the Role of Regional Organizations of Civilian Society CSO for the Work Condition Improvement and Dialogue with Public Institutions”. The Conference begins at 15:00, also at the Hall 4 – Small Conference Hall, organized by the Association for Occupational Safety and Health of Serbia.