Rade Končar TEP, Skopje, is the leading company in metal processing and electrical industry, not only in Macedonia, but also beyond. It is a part of the brand Rade Končar, existing for 70 years.

The company offers complete solutions within electric power production and distribution, as well as special solutions according to individual customer requirements.

The company’s product range includes:

  • distributive oil transformers of more than 2,500 KWA
  • Compact concrete and metal prefabricated substations
  • Equipment for vertical and horizontal mounting (12, 24, 38.5 KW)
  • Low voltage current measuring transformers
  • Low voltage distributive devices
  • All types of meter boxes (metal and polyester)
  • Low voltage power factor correction
  • Command desks for the industry
  • Metal processing (laser cutting, bending, welding)
  • Perforated cable trays
  • Pellet system
  • Pellet stoves
  • Complete project design, mounting, testing and putting into operation of low voltage, mid voltage and high voltage complex facilities.