MEAN WELL Srbija / Fox Electronics is the only official distributor of MEAN WELL power supplies for Serbia manufactured by MEAN WELL Taiwan.

Mean Well Company has been recognized as an integrator, as well as for blazing a trail for an innovative technical and technological solutions sublimated within “shops with no salesperson” concept. By bringing together a wide range of top experts in the field of electronics, IT, contemporary management and marketing sectors, Mean Well has been developing products under the auspices of Sabel international Company, which is also the owner of the project.

At iSEC 2019, Mean Well will represent a smart-shop, a conceptual solution to burning issues of small shops in the wholesale segment, more well-known as kiosks. This modular system is based on applying innovative, smart digital and automated solutions, for which reason it is called the smart-shop. It successfully implements AI, Big data and Open data technologies that make this product IoT Ready, i.e., ready to be integrated into “smart cities“ infrastructure.

Key features of smart-shops are more than one outlet following complete abolition or significant reduction in the number of sales persons, cash payment, card payment and mobile phone payment, with unlimited working hours (24/7/365). It introduces a so-called Internet of Things Ready concept through automatic gender and age recognition (AI), real-time interactive product offering customization based on customer profile, ability to display personalized ads tailored to each individual customer’s profile, and readiness for connecting and automatically communicating with smart homes (Big Data). It provides smart business support by tracking and analyzing customer spending and habits by optimizing purchase, replenishing items, economizing logistics costs, as well as through specific consumption and demand specification for individual items across micro sites.

Smart-shop is an authentic, new and so far nonexistent solution on the market, and as such it represents a true novelty and innovation with no real competition on the market.