The Belgrade Fair is again the most advanced position in the trench battle against the epidemic of covid-virus. In the first part of 2020 the Belgrade Fair was the first and the best choice for hosting the covid-hospital, also it was not only domestic, but European leader in opposing this global disaster.

Half a year later, in significantly changed but also more dangerous circumstances, the Belgrade Fair is again the first choice, this time as a key place for mass vaccination against the same enemy.

At the same time, the huge interest of all populations for vaccination at the Belgrade Fair speaks about the fact that it is not only the first, but also the right choice.

The extraordinary organization of this extremely serious health-medical, social, state operation, technical and infrastructural facilities that can only be provided by the Belgrade Fair.

The pictures from the scene also speak about the trust that all those interested in vaccination have in these provided conditions.

With faith and hope that in the near future, we will move to another great victory.