Today is June 7, the Global Exhibitions Industry Day, a kind of holiday by which the global association of the fair and exhibition industry UFI reminds of the immeasurable and historical importance of this economic branch in the planetary framework.

The Belgrade Fair, the mainstay of the fair industry in this part of Europe, a member of the UFI since 1957, and even the winner of the UFI award for the most creative activity in 2019, which this year celebrates 85 years since its establishment, joins the celebration of this holiday of world fairs with the campaign (“Let’s plant a flower, let’s grow together”)

Aware of the importance of preserving and protecting the environment for our future, as well as the fact that fairs are not only represented by halls and exhibition stands, we planted this year thousands of seedlings of different flowers and planting material at the Belgrade Fair. In this way, we have beautified the open exhibition space, as a small part of our common and only world that we have and share.

The Belgrade Fair ended the past spring season very successfully, and it is expected to end the business year with over 60 organized events, which would be an absolute record in the eight-and-a-half-year history of this company.

The Belgrade Fair and Serbia are also looking forward to the selection of the host of the world exhibition EXPO 2027, which will follow in about fifteen days in Paris, and it is believed that among the five candidates, Belgrade has proven to be the most serious.