Located in the Eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jahorina belongs to the Dinaric Alps. With the highest peak Ogorjelica (1916 m), it is under the influence of two climates – Mediterranean and the Continental ones. It is protected against the northern strong wind by Romanija forests and the southern direction winds blow on the Jahorina peaks. There is snow on Jahorina for 180 to 210 days during the year (from November to April and often in May, as well). The average snow depth is 100 cm and the average temperature in January – 10 degrees. Fogs are rare and appear in spring and autumn.

TO Istočno Sarajevo
Mountain lodges are surrounded by wonderful landscape. Located quite close to the ski runs, they are built from natural materials, wood and stone, and fit perfectly in the surrounding environment. The total accommodation capacity is 4,000 beds, 2,000 of them in the hotel section and 2,000 in the private houses. Ski rental, ski schools, motor sleigh ride, trekking on the mountain slopes are certainly what the visitors are interested in during the winter season.

The offer is very diverse also for those practicing other forms of sport and recreation. Wellness i fitness centers, indoor swimming pools, sport grounds, table tennis, pool, chess halls, the Internet Cafes and gardens, being at the same time also sun burning locations, are the right place for the rest and recreation.