Business of Galenika Pharmacia company has been oriented to the future and new technologies in health care for a better living quality.

Galenika Pharmacia has been operating as an independent enterprise since October 17, 2012. It was established from Galenika Holding Company and inherited the famous logo created as long ago as in 1949.

Galenika Pharmacia launched in 2013 the production development project in three sections:

  • Manufacturing of Band-Aid, sterile and non-sterile bandage compress, bandage materials, etc. Special focus has been on the First Aid sets – cabinets and bags. In this section “the First Aid cabinet” in an innovative ABS plastic cabinet is highlighted as exclusive;
  • Medicines and medical tools distribution in the territory of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Manufacturing of medicines and dietetic supplements, sterilizing of medicines, medical supplies and other items subject to the sterilizing.