Belgrade New Year’s Festival lasts till December 30. During the next ten days, many theater performances and various cultural/educational events for children will be performed at Belgrade Fair Hall 2.

Tuesday, December 20, is reserved for Pan Theater and the performance Snowwhite in the Country of Dwarfs. The show begins at 11.00 a. m.

The same Theater will perform on Wednesday, December 21, at the same time, the peformance The New Year’s Dream of Peter Pan. At 4.00 p. m. the youngsters will enjoy with Happy Theatre. The Magic Cake show will be completed by Leontina’s music show. Minja Subota made sure the program would be diverse, the children would enjoy with music and theater also in a ballet. He prepares for 6.00 p. m. The New Year’s Ballet Cuisine.

Please find the schedule of the theater and cultural/amusing program, which will be held by December 30 within the New Year’s Festival – HERE.