The first part of the two-day tribune program under the common title “Deviation from Distance”, took place at the Belgrade Fair today and it will continue tomorrow on Saturday December 12th.

Four tribunes were held in the ceremonial hall of the administrative building of the Fair, and opinions were crossed by prominent representatives of the domestic literary and cultural scene.

From 1 pm, the program included a great discussion dedicated to the works of Meša Selimović. The conversation about the modern reception of the character and works of the writer of the novel “Dervish and Death” and “Fortress”, in which Vlastimir Sudar and Marija Radić participated, the moderator was Muharem Bazdulj.

At 2 pm, the topic was “Children in (un) time” – literature for children in these itchy times. Jasminka Petrović and Uroš Petrović spoke about children’s “new normalcy”, with moderator Gordana Glavinić.

From 3 pm, the online audience followed the dialogue on the topic “Found in translation” – a conversation between Muharem Bazdulj and Vladimir D. Janković.

At 4 pm, “Deviation from Distance” dealt with the topic “Culture in the media in the age of the crown”.

There is no Book Fair, no BITEF, no October Salon, there was something a little BEMUS, maybe there will be a FEST… what are we talking about today when we try to talk about cultural life? The participants in the program, three ladies Marija Djordjevic, Meliha Pravdic and Sanja Milic, along with the moderator Vulet Juric, tried to give an answer where we are and where we are going when it comes to culture.

The complete program went live via the official Facebook profile of the Belgrade Book Fair.

All tribunes will be found on the Belgrade Fair’s YouTube channel and will be available to the public via links on many sites of our media houses.