Belgrade Fair arrived at an important Anniversary – eight decades since its founding. All investments into projects, space, events, organizations and people who worked hard on various jobs – were cost effective. Belgrade Fair has enjoyed the status of ’the venue seen by the whole world’ for a long time. It is the largest and most successful tradeshow institution in Serbia and Southeast Europe.

It has been the meeting point of manufacturers, agents, distributers and salesmen of various goods and services from the whole world for eighty years. The offer of more than five thousand exhibitors at the annual level is visited by more than 650 thousand visitors.

All these business events take place in beautiful facilities with a unique construction method. It is enough to mention the worldwide recognizable Hall 1, a monumental building and culture monument, constructed from prestressed concrete, used for the first time at that time. The architect Milorad Pantović and the engineers Branko Žeželj and Milan Krstić created, designed and monitored the construction of this construction masterpiece.

Belgrade Fair considers important all events organized by it or held in its halls, about fourty of them annually. However, the fact is, it is recognizable at first sight by some traditional international tradeshows with the global reputation. The Tourism Fair connects in the best way business with pleasure provided by travels and the Motor Show is one of the oldest, but also most glamourous business/selling exhibitions. There is nothing connected to the civil engineering not included in the offer of the Building Trade Fair. The elite development/technological Belgrade Fair event is certainly the Technical Fair and its six decades long tradition. Beside the EcoFair,it shares the space and date with, the Energy Fair is the orientation for the key economic event trends, mostly dealing with the renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, green economics, recycling industry and waste management. The Book Fair has been a fest for the written word fans and those fostering the tradition and culture for six decades. The recently redesigned Furniture Fair presents the innovations in this progressive industry and attracts many exhibitors and visitors from the whole region.

In order to remain a ’world famous’ institution, Belgrade Fair modernizes continuously. It has got enviable convention capacities and the state-of-the-art equipment and it was always the right venue for large global exhibitions, concerts and sport competitions. The utmost method of event organizing and the service level provided by it opened for it the doors of the most prestigious global organizations and respected Associations.

As a tireless patron of the best global products, goods, services and events, but also the most successful individuals and teams, Belgrade Fair provides the real opportunity to the global trends to get closer to each visitor.

A Brochure and Video Presentation

A brief review of the successful tradeshow past, but also the current activities, produced on the occasion of the eight decades Anniversary may be found in the printed brochure about Belgrade Fair, but also see in the video presentation.