This already traditional, eighth in a row, Balkan Textile Fair is set to take place on Thursday 5 March 2020 and will last until Saturday 7 March 2020 in Hall 5 at Belgrade Fair. More than 30 companies from across different textile and related industries from Turkey, Slovenia, Uzbekistan and Serbia will be taking part in the fair.

It is an event of business character, in which businessmen, traders, manufacturers of textile and raw materials, sewing machines and other related equipment, and all others interested in the textile industry, offer everything necessary for top-quality functioning in this branch of economy.

Balkan Textile has been envisaged as the best way for exporters to find importers, domestic manufacturers and large retailers that initiate demand and therefore expand their sales channels across Serbia. The fair represents a cost-effective platform and opportunity for privileged participants and exhibitors from the textile industry and different countries to showcase their top-quality products, equipment and machines to successful entrepreneurs who are motivated and have enough capital to invest in new business ventures.

The fair offers the most cost-effective and efficient way to its participants to gain market share in a country where supply and demand will be under the same umbrella for exporting companies to seize opportunities in Serbia and thus increase their export capacities. It is also an opportunity for local businessmen to use the same marketing and business channels for their own breakthrough into other markets.

Meridyen Int’l Fair from Turkey is the organizer of the fair.

Entry ticket for visitors will be free of charge between 10:00 and 18:00.