We haven’t yet fully recovered from the holiday euphoria, and we are already entering the serious world of fair wonders, from which we all benefit together.

This is already evident in the first, January – February part of the spring season at the Belgrade Fair, which culminates with none other than the 45th International Tourism Fair  in Belgrade, the largest and most visited event of its kind in the region. The fair will take place from 22 to 25 February 2024, in halls 1 and 4.

Under the slogan “Adventure Begins Here!“ this meeting of cultures and adventures will promote new destinations, first minute offers, domestic and international accommodation facilities, tourist regions and attractions. The fair will feature the participation of the most significant travel agencies, associations and organizations, hotels, tourist centers, transport companies and international tour operators.

This year also, based on their preferences, visitors will be able to choose from a wide range of options, including family trips, distant and exotic destinations, trips for the young, city break, vacations and recovery in spas, spa weekends in the mountains, ecotourism and active tourism, congress events…

For those whose next adventure begins right at the Tourism Fair at the Belgrade Fair, this year’s discovery of a new world includes exploring the latest innovations in the tourism industry, getting acquainted with the latest technological trends that will improve traveling, whether it is about digital guides, smart travel apps, or environmentally sustainable journeys. There are also industry experts who will explain how tourism is adapting to the contemporary needs of travelers.

At the same time, under the umbrella of the Tourism Fair, the 19th International Fair of the Hotel and Catering Equipment “Horeca-Equipment“ will also take place from 22 to 25 February  in Hall 2 of the Belgrade Fair and, under the slogan “Be My Guest” will bring together numerous domestic and foreign companies from various fields related to hospitality industries that raise every tourist offer to a higher level – production and sale of hotel and catering furniture, kitchen equipment, restaurants and bars, distributors of beddings and towels, cleaning supplies, food and beverage manufacturers, and more.

This large multimedia event will provide all participants and visitors with business contacts, networking opportunities, and the establishment of business relationships and partnerships for further collaboration. All these aspects together make the Tourism Fair at the Belgrade Fair the most important annual event in the promotion, development, and enhancement of the tourism industry in the region.

However, Tourism and Horeca – Equipment are just the finale, the peak of the hot mountain of the first part of the Belgrade Fair spring agenda, which starts from 25 to 27 January with the fifth edition of the leading regional fair-conference event in the field of fruit growing, viticulture and vegetable growing – the Agro Belgrade 2024 event.

More than 500 exhibitors from the region and the world will present achievements in the areas of fresh, frozen, and processed fruits, vegetables and grapes, agricultural machinery, irrigation systems, hail protection systems, nurseries, seed and chemical companies, and other segments necessary for successful engagement in these branches of agriculture. During the three days of this top-notch fair-conference event, professional conferences and meetings will be organized, where eminent experts and representatives of institutions, organizations and companies, as well as representatives of major European and domestic chains, customers and distributors, will address topics related to fruit growing, vegetable growing, viticulture, fruit and vegetable markets, climate change and its impact on changes in fruit and vegetable production, and many others.

The beginning of February, from 08 to 10, and Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair, are reserved for Balkan Textile 2024, a business event that brings together textile manufacturers, importers and traders. In addition to presenting the finest fabrics, exhibitors at the Fair will also show the best machines and equipment from the textile sector.

The goal is to provide exporters with the best way to find importers, domestic manufacturers, and large retailers who create demand, thereby expanding their sales channels in Serbia. The Fair is designed as a profitable platform and an essential opportunity for privileged participants, where top-quality products, equipment and machinery in the textile sector are presented by exhibitors from different countries to an audience of successful entrepreneurs who have the motivation and capital to invest in new business ventures. The Fair offers its exclusive participants the most efficient way to gain market share in the country, where supply and demand will join under one roof for export companies to seize opportunities in Serbia and increase export volumes.

Finally, February will be marked with the 15th Governmental Beekeeping Fair  which will take place in Hall 2 of the Belgrade Fair on February 10-11, 2024. The “Sweet Fair“ is an international exhibition and sales event organized by the Beekeeping Association of Serbia where visitors have the opportunity to see a comprehensive sales, exhibition, educational, promotional, economic, and tourist content and program. The Fair is an opportunity to acquire, under the most favorable conditions, not only honey and other bee products, but also complete beekeeping equipment and supplies.

Welcome to the beginning of another successful business year at the Belgrade Fair!