At the 39th International Tourism Fair, the Russian Regions attend it for the first time at the mutual booth. Several regions feature their potentials this year – Kaluga, Vladimir, Vologda, Moscow, Yaroslawl and the Komi Republic.

In addition to this, their objective is contact establishing with professional Tourism Organizations and getting acquainted with the new tourism products that may contribute also to higher tourist visit to Russia.

The participants will pay great attention to the environmental, etnographic, Arctic, cultural / educational, pilgrimage and children tourism. They also prepare promotions of travel tours and events “The Silver Necklace of Russia”, “Russia – The Birth Place of Astronomy” and will celebrate a half of century of “The Golden Ring”.

The Russian exhibitors will offer the Fair visitors advertising leaflets in Serbian language and film reports of various destinations and unlimited tourism possibilities of Russia will be shown at the booth.

The Russian exhibitors suggest to the representatives of the tourism industry from other countries to attend many presentations, thematic round table conferences and the delicate hour of Maslenitsa. There is also the possibility of the individual meeting appointment with the exhibitors, Russian booth participants (the appointment e-mail address is