Žabalj Municipality territory was settled continuously from the New Stone Age to the present time. This is witnessed by many complexes located mostly at high terraces of the old Tisa bank, Jegrička and Small Pond. There are group remnants of the settlements from Neolith, the Bronze Era and Iron Age, the Celtic Necropolis, semi-dugouts of the Sarmats and Slavic silos (plentiful material collected here is preserved in the Museum of Vojvodina).

Tourism Organization of Žabalj Municipality operates actively on the tourism enhancement and promotion, coordinates the activities and takes care of the cooperation between economic and other tourism entities. It is in charge also for the information / promotional materials for the promotion of this region tourism values.

At Belgrade Tourism Fair, within the Vojvodina tourism offer, Žabalj Municipality will feature its own offer. The entire offer will be presented during the Fair with the focus on one day excursion programs: Golf and Malone, the Old Port of Potisje Great Personalities and Jegrička Beauty.