Those who were there – know it, those who were not there – should know for the next year – the premiere Belgrade Fair presentation at the cult, now already the national event Museum Night was better than anyone’s expectations. It is difficult to evaluate if the visitors or hosts were more satisfied by the plentiful Exhibition.

Although Belgrade Fair participated for the first time in this interesting and educational night happening, from 5.00 p. m. and the Fair gates opening to 1.00 a. m., when the Museum Night was officially closed, Belgrade inhabitants were carefully looking at the Fair selection for this night. The additional pleasure is the fact that the major part of the audience wishing to visit the Place Seen by the Whole World were young people.

Belgrade Fair has been organizing great events for eight decades, many of them reaching the global level, but after the participation in the 14th Museum Night it is clear – the Fair was missing such a cultural / historical attendance. Belgrade Fair’s rich history was featured through the photos made during the past eighty years, as well as through the artwork collection of the most prominent representatives of painting modern art, carefully selected and collected since the Fair facilities construction at the present location.

Professor Milanka Todić PhD, Custodian, spoke about the artworks of the Academician Jovan Bijelić, Peđa Milosavljević, Petar Omčikus and Dušan Otašević, as well as the works of modern and post-modern painting art, from Miodrag Protić to Marija Dragojlović.

Pointing out this was just the artworks selection, rather than the complete Fair collection, Milanka Todić PhD explained to the Fair guests this was a most valuable exhibition, created through a long time period:

– Without any changes this is an exhibition that could be installed in any gallery, not only at the Fair in the Museum Night. Its additional value is historical event presentation, but also the participants’ connection – next to each other there are the works of Professors and their students. For many fairs young painters created painting illustrations, some of them became recognizable in the meantime, some are the fairs’ trademarks and from the beginner painters, the authors became famous and recognized artists.

Not less illustrative was the large format photos exhibition, by which Belgrade Fair wanted to feature plentiful and picturesque events under its domes and, clearly – they existed and created history.

Prestigious sport championships were held at Belgrade Fair. At the European Basketball Championship 1961, the first medal was won by Yugoslavia with the legendary Aca Nikolić and Radivoj Korać and many athletic competitions are unforgettable, as well. The first Guitar Show was held just here and the famous concert of Louis Armstrong was perpetuated, as well as the atmosphere of many concerts of the great local and international music performers, from Bijelo Dugme and Riblja Čorba to the concerts played by DEEP PURPLE and R.E.M.

The photos show in the illustrative way the previous fashion shows, which affirmed our high fashion founders, such as Aleksandar Joksimović or Mirjana Marić.

The Fair was visited through its history by the highest ranking guests – from Queen Marija with the Princes to President Tito, it was seen by Che Guevara, Khrushchev, Giscard D’ Estaing and many other statesmen. Uncountably many worldwide known poets and writers from the whole world participated in the Book Fair and with them also the great actors, from Milivoje Živanović to Alain Delon.

Historical television events were also recorded at our ground, since the Belgrade Television studio was situated at Belgrade Fair.

This is just a section of what could be seen by the visitors of the 14th Museum Night, the event being more plentiful and visited year after year. It will be undoubtedly so also with Belgrade Fair – we were included into this cultural caravan and will not stop there. Next year, the Exhibition at the Fair may be only more plentiful and magnificent. A real spectacle is already visible.