On this date as long ago as in 1957 – on August 23 six decades ago, the The First Postwar Technical Fair was opened in Belgrade. The focus on Postwar is significant for the statistics staff and those following Anniversaries, since the actually first edition of this outstanding event, as it will be shown having global dimensions, happened two decades earlier – in the prewar 1937.

This is the opportunity to remind of August 23, 1957, when about 9.30 a. m., in the presence of high ranking Governmental officials, Franc Leskošek, Member of the Federal Executive Council, cut the ribbon festively in front of the Hall 3. And there was definitely something to see, since all halls were overfull.  The observers estimated at least ‘a day and night’ were necessary to review all exhibits at least at first sight. Unlike, as it seemed, the optimistic expectation anyway the event would be visited by about 500 thousand people, on the Fair closing date, at noon, a million and 115 thousand visitors were ‘counted’.

On the Hall 1 Gallery was the Businessmen Club, having the task of connecting and contact making.  According to the first reports, the jobs with the value of more than 118 billion Dinars were concluded just through them and the stands. The goods import with the value of 7.5 million US Dollars was contracted, as well as the export to the amount of 10.5 million US Dollars.

What was omitted, although planned, on August 23, 1957 – to start broadcasting the television program on the Technical Fair opening date, was corrected a year later. On the first postwar Anniversary of the Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements, i.e. Belgrade Fair itself, as well as the 20th Anniversary of the first Philips TV broadcasting from the studio situated at the Fair – TV Belgrade broadcasted its first show.

It was Saturday, August 23, 1958 and the experimental program of TV Belgrade was started from the still incomplete studio.  It was announced by Olivera Živković,  Radio Belgrade speaker. Olga Nađ informed the spectators of the shows which would be on the program and then announced the the telecast of the opening of the International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements. The first telecast was directed by Miroslav Dedić.

Thus, Belgrade Fair was twice significant also in the creation of the TV Belgrade, having at present also its Anniversary – in addition to the first studio, located within the Fair ground, a significant part of the program broadcasted on the first day was devoted to the 2nd Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements opening and holding.