The eighth Sports Fair in a row, which was officially opened on Friday, 22 November 2019 in Hall 1 of Belgrade Fair, is the most representative annual promotional and educational sporting event in the whole region.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia, organized by the Sports Federation of Serbia and under the slogan “Sports Fair Connects the World”, this event brought together thousands of people interested in more than 60 sports and sports disciplines, representatives of territorial and national branch sports associations and the most important sports and educational institutions in the country.

Addressing hundreds of participants at the event, such as former, current and future athletes and guests, the Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Vanja Udovicic reminded of the importance of this event and of sports in general in the life of an individual, society, state …

“The whole sport system has made us happy so many times by setting records, uniting us, but also assigning responsibility for the sports family to continue to grow and be as big as possible. Without a strong team, great results can never be expected, which have never been better. We expect top results, we can all push the boundaries together. I would like to thank everyone who has helped us keep the system alive, and look at all the players equally, “said Udovicic.

The president of the Sports Federation of Serbia, Mr. Davor Stefanek, said that “we will do our best to be better year after year. The goal is to introduce children to as many spots as possible as Serbia is known as a country of sports and champions. We would like to invite parents to bring their children on Monday to the courts, who are our future. ”

The President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia Mr. Bozidar Maljkovic also said he was honored to participate in such a great sporting event. “Many athletes are getting ready for the Tokyo Olympics and we are working hard to provide them with the conditions that will help them achieve the best results. Our athletes are taking the safe steps to the biggest sporting event and we will show their successes at the Sports Fair,” he said and further added that more than 50,000 children participated in city squares and competition areas whole year round organized by the OCS (Olympic Comitte of Srebia).

The Sports Fair is designed as a reminder of the sporting results Serbia has achieved in the current year, as a promotion of sports and new sports skills, and will serve to inform and educate interested visitors, all followed by many fun events. In this context, visitors, especially those of younger age, can also personally try and indulge in the secrets of some of the sports and socialize with top athletes, both Olympic and non-Olympic ones.

Daily program is comprised of free seminars, lectures and workshops on the most important topics in sports available to all interested parties. Free health check-ups are available to visitors, where they can also enjoy the numerous activation grounds, athletic and cross-fit training grounds, martial arts tatamis, gym and more.

At the Sports Fair, visitors are offered sports equipment and supplements, where nutritionists talk about nutrition, and healthcare professionals about the recovery and rehabilitation of athletes.

A detailed program of seminars, lectures, consultations, forums and presentations can be found on the website of the Sports Fair.

The Sports Fair will take place from Friday through Sunday, 22-24 November in halls 1 and 1A of Belgrade Fair.

Fair hours are from 10:00 to 19:00, whilst entrance to all fair programs is free of charge.