The increasing interest of companies from the whole Europe for participation in Belgrade Furniture Fair brings the opportunity to the local visitors to get to know in Belgrade the new and most attractive designer solutions and see the novelties they could so far see only at the best known global Fairs.

This year, the exhibiting program features new international and regional exhibitors and, in addition to the premiere presentations, there are also already famous brands, which collected liking of the Fair visitors.

GAZZDA - ponovo na sajmu u hali 3

GAZZDA – at the Fair again, at the Hall 3

GAZZDA is a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will participate again in the Furniture Fair in Belgrade. These manufacturers produce very high quality modern wooden furniture. Their pieces are characteristic for high functionality and really ‘fresh’ design. GAZZDA pieces create special atmosphere in the space they are in – the atmosphere in which you want to be or to return to.

“In the hurried, too stimulated world, people need home more than ever”.

HARD STUFF - industrijski stil

HARD STUFF – industrial style

Hard Stuff is a creative collective dealing in manufacturing of attractive furniture in the industrial style, connecting the old and modern. This brand uses materials in their original form and connects them to high technologies. Thus, pieces with specific design are created, in which the natural influence effects – corrosion, holes in the wood and shabby look become esthetic relevant details. Such furniture is well fitted in large and open spaces. Hard Stuff is the leading company in the region, as regarding this characteristic design.

WOAK - Strast prema drvetu

WOAK – passion for wood

WOAK is a Swiss design oriented brand manufacturing hardwood furniture intended for living, easy to apply also in business and hotel facilities. Woak manufactures functional, comfortable and modern furniture with character.

Their pieces are fine and technologically perfectly produced. This brand pays special attention to details and final processing, which provides additional value to each individual piece. If you are a fan of fine, balanced and high quality furniture, make sure that you visit their stand.

“We understand wood seriously“.

Prostoria - ponovo na sajmu u Beogradu

Prostoria – at the Fair in Belgrade again

Prostoria is already a well known company from Croatia, which will exhibit also this year at Belgrade Fair Hall 3. The audience will be able again to see the furniture of recognizable innovative and decent design. Do not miss Prostoria stand this year, either, since this is a company, which is more than a manufacturer. This is a company with regional influence, with the fast development “from zero” to the forerunner position.

Prostoria manufactures contemporary, functional and innovative furniture, with full awareness of the influence importance the furniture pieces have got, both to the living quality of the individual user and to the community life.

“Prostoria is a company showing it is possible to create really innovative concepts“.

BORA - kuhinjski premium aparati

BORA – kitchen premium devices

Bora is a premium brand from Austria, manufacturing high quality extractors for kitchen devices, characteristic for innovative design and durability. BORA are high quality products with contemporary design, easy to plan, install and service.

“We invest in the product development all our energy, curiosity and skills”.

Arketipo - italijanska tradicija u svom najboljem obliku

Arketipo – Italian tradition in its best form

This company arrives from Firenze and manufactures extremely high quality furniture. Arketipo is a brand oriented to the contemporary design and classic Italian values as regarding the furniture manufacturing tradition. Supreme quality of the materials, as well as the top manufacturing technology, combined with the classic, recognizable Italian design, highlighted by modern charm, result in the unique furniture.

The timeless character is contributed also by manual finishing, making that each piece is treated as a unique artwork of the balanced and subtle character.