The International Mini Basket Rajko Žižić Festival, the 17th edition, is held on January 27 – 31, at Belgrade Fair. Festive opening of this traditional basketball review has been appointed for Saturday, January 28, at noon.

The girls and boys, the Festival participants, will be divided this year into four competition groups by the age – 2006 and Younger, 2007 and Younger, 2008 and Younger, as well as 2009 and Younger. It will be played at five grounds, by the balls number five, with the baskets at the height of 2.60, 2.75 and 3.05 meters. There will be also two grounds where the mini basket will be played on artificial grass.

“From Mini Basket to Basketball” is the title of the Clinic, which will be organized for the coaches during the competition. The Certificate from the Clinic will be the condition for obtaining the coach license. Thus, the participation in this educational get together will be compulsory for the coaches working with the mini basket age category.

All items, baskets and the entire equipment used in mini basket will be featured at the Rajko Žižić Festival . In addition to the competition character, the Festival has got also the educational one and under support of Unitas Fund and the Red Cross of Serbia, it has got also the objective to protect children and youth from human trafficking. The Red Cross volunteers will organize open creative workshops, where they will transfer to the tournament participants, through the game, the necessary information of the protection need and methods.