CTC-UNIT company, famous from nautical sector, expanded its offer also to ATV and motorcycles and started importing and selling the ATV vehicles, the popular quads.

At this year’s Motopassion it will present the innovation from the product range of the renowned US manufacturer ARCTIC CAT – the new model Alterra 700 TRV XT EPS with L7E homology and an innovation from the Chinese LINHAI company – ML550 EPS (not introduced so far). Stels, a new brand in Serbia, of the Russian manufacturer VELOMOTORS has also got its place at their stand (CNC-UNIT is the agent of this brand for the whole former Yugoslavia and the brand itself has got excellent relation of the price and quality).

Beside the ATV vehicles, the scooters Quadro Q3 and Quadro Q4 will be exhibited at the stand, as well. The latter is the only four wheel scooter model in the world.