The upcoming Automotive Fair DDOR Eco BG Car Show 07, which will be held at the Belgrade Fair from the 12th to the 15th of May 2022, in a somewhat shorter period than usual, has all the characteristics to be a tipping point on the automotive market in in the automotive industry of Serbia.

In the time of uncertainty and globally unfavorable market and production circumstances – the consequences of the pandemic, problems in international transport and communication, global problems in the automotive industry in regards to the finalization of production – and one Geneva automobile salon has been postponed for the third time for “next year”, after a relatively unsuccessful attempts with “digital”, “visual”, “3D” or “online” concepts of promotion of the biggest global brands. And many other, especially European automotive happenings were canceled for similar reasons this year. Because of this the DDOR Eco Bg Car Show 07 could present not only a bold fair move, but also, primarily, a fundamental change in the “philosophy” of owning, using and car maintenance, of today’s automotive and following industry and auto-moto market.

The determinant of ECO itself in the innovated name of the exhibition refers to a completely new exhibition concept – the intention of the organizer and vehicle importer to emphasize vehicles with ecologically advanced propulsion solutions, electric car, hybrids, light hybrids, but also new models with conventional propulsion for which is assumed are ecologically enhanced and satisfy the high ecological standards. Shortly, all new technologies which are today modern in the automotive industry and those which will be in the near future.

Although some of the reasons for almost a three-year fair abstinence have not completely disappeared, almost all members of the Importers Associations, meaning all brands on the market, are ready and willing to give their full contribution to this project. Furthermore, regarding the innovation and exclusiveness of this fair setup, lots of premieres are announce, because almost every model has already shown up in production and sale on the western markets, but has not had the opportunity or reason to show up at ours as well. Because there aren’t many active fairs around the world, European or even global premieres are to be expected, especially regarding electric vehicles, which will be a complete novelty for most brands.

All of this doesn’t exclude the wide spectrum of “classic” car models, but, naturally, with an enhanced ecological performance.

DDOR Eco Bg Car Show 07 is expected to be held in the circumstances of reduced commercial effect in the sense of vehicle sale, primarily due to the lack of new vehicles on the market, but at the same time a vast interest of the media, expert and general public for the models of vehicles which already offer the latest propulsion solutions, and whose complete commercialization is expected in the near future.

In the sector of the following automotive industry, garage-service equipment and the offer of spare parts, the interest of the exhibitors is exceptional. In regards to the main line of the exhibition program, the importers of this segment of the event are announcing a special promotion of the following equipment for ecologically advanced vehicles, chargers, solar modules and other appropriate infrastructure.

Together with the Car Show, from the 12th to the 15th of may the 14th International Fair of Motorcycles, Quads, Scooters and Equipment “Motopassion” will be held as well, which in regard to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is in an unfavorable situation similar to that of the Automotive Fair. Judging by the interest and enthusiasm of the brand representatives from this segment, it is a very attractive fair performance.

The schedule of the Fair exhibits by halls is also adapted to the newly found circumstance of exhibiting. That way all importers, car brands which present themselves as a part of the DDOR Eco BG Car Show 07 will be in the same area – in Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair. The exhibitions a part of the “Motopassion” exhibition, Hall 4 will be entirely available to. The complete following industry, garage-service equipment, spare parts, including those specialized, intended for ecologically advanced and electric vehicles, will be in halls 2, 1A & 3A.

At the same time, in Hall 3 a grand exhibition of vintage cars will be held, organized by topics, as a unique parallel to the exhibition of the newest models. The visitors will therefore have an opportunity to travel through time and history of the automotive industry.

General patron of the event is DDOR Insurance Novi Sad.