The exhibition under the name “Positive for life”, set on 21 panels in the open in front of the administratvie building, at the entrance to the Belgrade Fair space, represents an emotinal and documentary reminder of the still unfinished moments of history that this company is now living, but also its distant and great beginnings.

There is more than one occasion for this act of self respect and transmission of strong positive messages. The initial being Global Exhibition Day, which occurs at the beginning of June, and for which the Belgrade Fair represents one of its more respected and oldest landmarks, even being rewarded in competition with thousands of Exhibitions on a global level, with an inviolable right to represent and brag, with its experience, range and achievements to the whole world. Another occasion is the forthcoming 85th anniversary of the first event of the Belgrade Fair, in 1937, on its original location, and also its 65th anniversary of existence on the current one.

More important than these occasions is the reminder of the tragic epoch of the Corona virus pandemic, to which we can see the end, while the exhibition lasts, and which has, during a one and a half year terror over society, life and common sense, pushed the Belgrade Fair into despair and into a business depression too deep for event the toughest of saviors. Even so, the role that the Belgrade Fair, along with the entire community, played and is still playing on a humanitarian level and during the mass vaccination process, on a crucial front in the war against the pandemic, has left a strong mark on the global phenomenology of social responsibility, and this exhibition is only a symbolic way to underline it once more.

The last but not the least occasion is the moral and business obsession that “it all(ways) begins with our encounter”, by renewing contacts, communication and movement, in order for the Belgrade Fair to be back on the spot of “a place the whole world saw”. This exhibition highlights the terrible abyss, between the extraordinarily successful business year of 2019 along with the promising beginning of the business year 2020, and the collapse in which the company fell literally overnight, from the first day of the announcement of the epidemic and the automatic denial of the right to work and do business. Even so, the visions of the future after exiting the crisis were and still are a permanent companion of the Fair dreams, and the exhibition didn’t fail to note them.

In the interval of 84 years, one can find all the key moments of the Belgrade Fair history, the economic, cultural, pop, sport or political events which have either determined or directed it, numerous world-class personalities which either witnesses or participants in all of that, specific and original contributions of the events of the Belgrade Fair to the Global Exhibition industry, ways in which the Belgrade fair led us all into the world and “brought the world” to our feet.

The exhibition is viewed and read with ease and is deserving of attention of anyone who, for whatever reason, steps foot on the ground of the Belgrade Fair. Welcome!