MOUNTAIN RESCUE SERVICE SERBIA (MRSS) is a voluntary and nonprofit organization with the basic objective of help and rescue in the inaccessible mountain and urban conditions.

It consists of about 250 active rescuers, many of them experienced mountaineers, highlanders, alpinists, sport climbers, speleologists, divers, skiers and paragliders.

By the Emergency Law, MRS Serbia has been included in the protection and rescue factors in Serbia and defined as strategic partner of the Sector for Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia for the rescue actions at inaccessible terrains. MRS Serbia is a member of the international mountain rescue organizations – ICAR (International Commission for Alpine Rescue) and for the rescue in speleological locations – ECRA (European Cave Rescue Association) and coordinates its operation with the recommendations of these organizations.

During the year MRSS takes care of more than 1000 injured individuals at ski resorts and inaccessible mountain terrains and it has got more than 50 rescue interventions (search and rescue actions) in all parts of Serbia. It ‘works’ also the rescue and first aid at all ski resorts in Serbia, being the synonym for safety on snow.

At Expozim they traditionally remind of possible injury prevention and behavior in winter at ski grounds and mountains.