Due to its plentiful offer and seven decades long tradition, Medical and Spa Complex Merkur from Vrnjačka Spa should not be presented especially. It is the essence of Vrnjačka Spa and during the 70 years of its existence, Merkur transformed from the original Institute and later RH Center into the present modern complex.

Its offer includes treatments suitable for the users having various problems and thereby also needs. They defined their plentiful offer by various packages creation. “Save Your Beauty” is one of specially created packages for the period January – April 2018. For anyone wishing to take care of them in the most beautiful and visited destination in Serbia in this period, 13 percent discount has been provided.

The packages “For Any Pocket” and “Painless Move” have been created for the same period, as well and they understand the same discount. All those wishing to replace the cold winter daily life by relaxation in the Spa Resort, should select the package “Rest for Soul and Body”.

“Return from Your Holiday Cured” is the promotion slogan of the package Fast Diagnostics and Gastronomic Package is very popular, as well.

Merkur is also famous for its devotion to the patients with Diabetes, since one with this disease under a good medical treatment may have “High Quality Living with the Diabetes” (as the package is called).