The attendees, visitors and media representatives often describe Book Fair as a magnificent event and this is supported also by the figures obtained by the organizers after the closing of the 61st review of publishing, literature and culture at Belgrade Fair.

On October 23 – 30, the 61st International Belgrade Book Fair was visited by 188.409 registered visitors. From 480 direct exhibitors, 68 were the international ones and all 1002 attendees (exhibitors, co-exhibitors and represented companies) featured at more than 30 thousand square meters exhibiting space. Beside the 610 programs they could participate in, the visitors could enjoy also 11 exhibitions. Nine programs were presented at the Second Youth Creation Festival.

In addition to the exhibitors from Serbia, the attendees were also those from Byelorussia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Israel, Hungary, Japan, China, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic.

The Best Publisher, Publishing Project of the Year, The Best Children’s Book and The Best Publisher from the Diaspora were declared at the Fair. Special Recognition for the Contribution within Science, Special Recognition for the Publisher, Book or Comics, The Most Beautiful Book, but also the Special Recognition for the Most Successful Book Young Designer were awarded.

The Fair was followed by 1,207 accredited journalists, cameramen and photo reporters from the electronic, printed and online media from Serbia and Bulgaria, Iran, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland. China, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro.