MOTORING company exhibits at Motopassion an outstanding range of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and equipment.

At their exhibition space the visitors will be able to enjoy quite new 2017 KAWASAKI models. These are the models Z 900, Z 650, Ninja 650, and the restyling model Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe in 2017 Caffe Racer style will be presented, as well.

SYM will present several 2017 models, for the first time in Serbia: GTS 300 F4 ABS Start & Stop, Citycom S 300i and Crox 50.

The Slovenian brands TOMOS and TORI with their mopeds will not be missing either, or the heavy-duty electric scooter of the German manufacturer GOVECS.

There are innovations in the categories, as well. In the Helmet category, from Nolan arrive N90-2, N-40-5 GT, N40-5; from X-Lite – X-1004 Ultra Carbon, X-1004, X-702 Ultra Carbon, X502 Ultra Carbon, X-502, X-403 GT Ultra Carbon; from Grex – G 4.2 Pro. Italian premium brand garments SPIDI will be also featured. Then there are the Spanish SHAD Cases: SH 58 (for the first time in the world, the various capacity cases – L, XL, XXL: from 46, 52 and 58L), SH 34.

The following motorcycle equipment brands are understood, as well: Italian OJ (garments and equipment), Spanish ARTAGO and URBAN (motorcycle protection, chains, alarms…), Swedish BOBLBEE (protection backpacks), Italian MIDLAND (action cameras and communication equipment), the US TECHNICHE (cooling vests)…

The equipment at the Show will be offered with the Show discount of 10 – 40%, depending upon the brand and model, and all motorcycle (or ATV) buyers will get maximal discount in the additional equipment purchase.

The credit opportunity for the buyers of the scooters, mopeds and motorcycles, as well as equipment, has been provided, as well, at this exhibitor’s stand.