Today, Belgrade Fair hosted a handover of partnership between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Arab Republic of Egypt at the 41st International Belgrade Tourism Fair.

The handover of partnership was attended by H.E. Radko Vlajkov, Ambassador to Bulgaria, on behalf of this year’s partner country, and H.E. Governor of Red Sea, Mr. Ahmed Abdalah, on behalf of Egypt, partner country of Tourism Fair 2020. The handover was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Ivica Dacic, who stated that Serbia pays great attention to relations between the two countries.

Ambassador to the Republic of Bulgaria H.E. Radko Vlajkov thanked Serbia, his host, for making Bulgaria the country’s partner at Tourism Fair this year. He pointed out that Serbia is a good neighbor and a friendly country, whereas Tourism Fair in Belgrade is the largest one in our region. He wished a successful performance for Egypt, which if famous for tourism and with which Bulgaria also has excellent relations. He thanked Belgrade Fair for organizing Tourism Fair and he also thanked Minister Dačić, his colleagues, Ambassador to Egypt and Governor of Red Sea Mr. Ahmed Abdalah.

“Tourism is an extremely important part of the economy that we need to develop and therefore co-operate. Twelve percent of Bulgaria’s GDP comes from tourism, and last year Bulgaria was visited by more than 9 million foreign tourists. ”

“We would like Belgrade to become a tourist gateway for the entire Western Balkans by connecting land and air traffic, and thus we offer Egypt as a civil aviation gateway for the rest of Africa and the Arab world, all the way to a direct flight between the two capitals,” said the Governor of Red Sea H .E. Ahmed Abdalah, stressing out that “Red Sea offers an incomparable diversity of cultural and touristic tourism just three hours away from Belgrade, with a holiday season all year round”.

Until Egypt has become a partner at Tourism Fair in 2020, we will expect a large number of cultural activities promoting Egyptian-Serbian friendship, primarily guests of honor at the Archaeological Film in March, Durbar Festival at the Museum of African Art in June and the International Book Fair in October, Ambassador to Egypt in Belgrade HE Mr. E.E. Amr Aiylovajli stressed out, adding that this is an unprecedented wave of activities that will be further reinforced by convening the Joint Economic Committee next month in Cairo under the chairmanship of foreign ministers from both countries.

At the ceremonial handover at Belgrade Fair, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Ivica Dačić, said that Serbia pays great attention to relations between the two countries, that are our traditional friends and partners, but also to all other friends who are present at this year’s event. He pointed out that Belgrade Tourism Fair is Serbia’s door to the world, as well as the world’s door to Serbia.

“In today’s globalized society, Belgrade Fair is a traverse that creates space for new interactions among people and thus deepens and improves existing relationships”, Mr. Dačić said.

He added that, naturally, we should by no means forget a large number of exhibitors from Serbia, who promote our country and its tourist potentials all over the world, because Serbia certainly has many things to offer.

“Tourism is one of the pillars on which cooperation of our countries is founded. Traveling, people and becoming acquainted with different countries and regions is the best way to bring the eye and heart of a person closer to their cultural, economic and other values. At the same time, precisely through adequate presentation of tourist offer at this Fair, Serbia can present its potentials to the world – culture, economy, culinary, health, music, sports, scientific, but also many others, “said the head of Serbian diplomacy.

He pointed out that tourism is an important link between states and people, which contributes to better understanding and connection between people, and therefore, by investing efforts in institutionalization and promotion of Serbia’s tourist potential is by all means a significant supplement which supports the work of the foreign policy sector.

“Tourism is also a significant branch of the economy, and in the coming period, it is important to make additional efforts towards adequate international presentation and affirmation of Serbian tourism potentials. Serbia is an open-hearted country, a country of excellent hosts, which always welcomes all guests with joy and I am convinced that this year’s Belgrade Fair has once again confirmed this”, Dacic noted.