The Festive Conference Hall at Belgrade Fair Head Office is the venue of E-mobility Forum, held on Friday, October 6, the last day of Energy 2017 fair event, at 10.00 a. m. to 3.00 p. m., devoted to the new “energy” technologies in the automobile industry and e-mobility in general.

Within the E-mobility Forum 2017, organized by the National Electric Vehicle Assoaciation (NEVA) and the Association of Electrical Engineers of Serbia (UDIES), two strategically important projects will be presented, being in the third and fourth quarter of 2017 in the program agenda of NEVA and UDIES. The first one is CEEChargeNet, which includes development and manufacturing of the chargers and stations for e-vehicle fast charging, using the energy from renewable sources.

The second one is “The Student e-formula” Project, it understands engagement of the students from twelve technical Faculties at the four largest University centers in Serbia on the competition e-vehicles development and production.

The Forum agenda includes a representative attendees list.

10:00-10:10h Prof. Dr. Miloš Banjac, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Assistant Minister
10:10-10-20h Prof. Dr. Vladimir Popović, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
10:20-10:30h Bert Witkamp, AVERE European Association for Electromobility
10:30-10:40h Grad.. Eng. Ivan Vulović, President of the Board of Directors of NAEV
10:40-10:50h Dr. Radomir Žikić, the first Serbian scientist who managed the project from the program Horizon 2020
10:50-11:05h Prof. Dr. Slobodan Vukosavić, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
11:05-11:15h Grad. Eng. Đorđe Jevtić, the long term coordinator of The Road Arrow team
11:15-11:25h Representatives of Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Association (BAEPS) and DEVS
11:25-11:35h Simon Cretnik, Regional Director of Siemens e-mobility
11:50-12:00h Grad. Eng. Dragan Satarić, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
12:00-12:10h Dr. Dejan Ilić, scientist and inventor, one of the leading representatives of the German e-mobility program
12:10-12:20h Prof. Dr. Petar Petrović, Ministry of Innovations and Technological Development
12:20-12:30h Prof. Dr. Nikola Rajaković, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
12:30-12:40h Prof. Dr Milan Prokin, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
12:40-12:50h Milan Lazić, predstavnik grupacije PORSCHE / VW
12:50-13:00h Dr. Marko Jakšić, Graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, works on development at General Motors USA
13:00-13:10h Dr. Milisav Danilović, works at WiTrucity Co. USA on the development project of contactless e-vehicle charging

The Forum ends by discussion and conclusions.