Competition Announcer / Customer: Belgrade Fair, Belgrade,

Competition Executor: Belgrade Association of Architects, 7a/III, Kneza Miloša Street, Belgrade,

Belgrade Fair Board of Directors adopted the Decision to approve obtaining by public competition the conceptual solution for Belgrade Fair Halls 7, 8 and 9 reconstruction and adapting. The Competition program includes:

  • The conceptual solution of the architecture and interior space of the trnsforming facilities. Within them the space purpose amendment is carried out into a conference center with exhibiting space;
  • The conceptual solution of the ground level and traffic space arrangement in front of the Halls 7, 8 and 9m in order to form the festive reception flat plain, as well as the related car parking.

During the Decision taking of the hall space reconstruction, the Board of Directors had in mind the importance of Belgrade Fair as the central trade fair institution in Serbia and the region, previous participation of the most important names of Serbian architecture in the exhibiting hall design (the architect Milorad Pantović won the first award at the conceptual design competition, in 1953), as well as the need to reach the future look of the Halls 7, 8 and 9 by the selection of the best and highest quality architectural solutions.

The objective is to reach by public competition the best conceptual solutions for the future project execution based upon the parameters and recommendations given by the Competition Announcer and precisely mentioned in the Program Assignment. The selected competition soluitions will be the basis for the project documents production necessary for the application for obtaining the location conditions, then the CLD – Construction License Design obtaining production, as well the CD – Construction Design production (in case the Investor selects such procedure).

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