Association for Industrial Design - ZzID

Association for Industrial Design – ZzID will promote Croatian brands and manufacturers at the Furniture Fair in Belgrade.

Established in 2008, within the Croatian Chamber of Economy, this Association has got the aim of industrial design implementation in Croatian economy, design integration into the social and economic sections and creation of society that understands design is a form part of economy, industry and culture.

ZzID provides support to designers, in order to let them present their operation through different activities.

“We want to create a better environment for industrial design. The most of our economy does not know yet what influence industrial design has to Croatian economy and this is something that should be changed. However, on the other side, the designers themselves should work on getting the skills which will enable them to sell a product at the market. The designers are those who should change the situation and thinking about it achieve what should be done, rather than expect somebody to create the environment for work!”