The visitors to the International Fair of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment – HORECA, will have for the first time in Serbia, the opportunity to see the LG commercial device program used in the service and self-service laundry rooms. Two leading models from the commercial machines offer will be exhibited at the booth: the laundry machine LG Giant – C + F1069D2PS and the laundry drying machine LG Gant-C RV1329AD5S.

The offer will also include complete range of the equipment adapted to the needs of individual laundry rooms – from the apartment and hotel ones to the self-service and commercial equipment. It is characteristic for high energy use, they are safe and simple to use, guarantee perfect results, productivity and low costs of use. The laundry machines have got sensors for the best temperature, water consumption and the drum rotation speed, which provides the maximal effectiveness and washing quality.

In addition to the exhibited machines, VAT will promote also the franchise LG Laundry Lounge. This is a brand of self-service laundry rooms for laundry washing, drying and ironing. The conception was created and developed by LG Electronics company and the first laundry room was opened in 2012, in New York.

The LG Laundry Lounge laundry rooms are special due to their equipment and service quality. Since these are the high capacity machines, major garment pieces may be washed in them, as well, such as filled jackets, covers, blankets, etc.

The laundry rooms are designed to “transfer a part of the home atmosphere”. By the space colors, interior fitting and perfect cleanness a perfect atmosphere is created and the clients have the free Internet, television, coffee machines, juices and snacks and children’s corner at their disposal – whatever contributes to the users feeling “at home”.