Within the Bastijana factory, with the basic objective of top quality wine manufacturing and wine culture promotion, a nice family tradition has been continued. After 20 years of professional training at top Universities, institutes and wineries in France and at other destinations, Tomić family is devoted again to wine manufacturing. The owner and main enologist is Andro Tomić, a man from Hvar who returned to his island since he believes Hvar with its autochthonous sorts, convenient climate and outstanding vineyard position may renew its long time ago lost wine manufacturing reputation. A special story is the 150 years long wine manufacturing family tradition continuation.

Tomić Winery manufactures at present between 130,000 and 150,000 bottles of wine annually. It fosters autochthonous sorts and know-how, but also carries out experiments with the new ones. It advances continuously manufacturing of red, white and rosé wine and pays special attention to the manufacturing of Prosecco – the original Dalmatian dessert wine manufactured from the selected and dried best local sorts of grapes.

At this year’s Belgrade Wine Fair, it will feature Pošip, top quality white dry wine of the sort under the same name; Plavac – their best known wine, making more than a half of the total production, famous also for an excellent relation of the price and quality; Plavac Mali Barrique; Caplar wine and the liqueur Euforija Carob Tree – Sage.