With the slogan “Come to Step into the Second Youth Together”, the 5th BG Third Age Fair was opened at Belgrade Fair. The slogan is at the same time the invitation for the oldest townsmen to visit this event today or tomorrow, to look at the plentiful offer prepared by the exhibitors for them, enjoy the cultural and amusing side events, competitions, games, friendship and all other things the retired persons are interested in.

Speaking at the Festive Opening, Mr. Zoran Đorđević, Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, said the Government relation to the citizens, especially the older and disabled ones, was the best way to estimate a country. Declaring the senior townsmen deserved safe, dignified and high quality life, he added there was time for the retired persons to benefit from the reforms, although they have not been completed yet. The Ministry headed by him is at the Fair because family was the society basis and the cooperation among generations very important.

Before he declared the BG Third Age Fair opened, Mr. Rasim Ljajić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, expressed his pleasure that the reforms provided results that the retirement payments were regular and their further growth was expected.

Progress is closely connected to the employment increase, since strong economy is the best social policy, as otherwise it turns into social welfare. The Government’s task is to provide conditions for social inclusion of the third age people, to arrange the society so that the retired persons have more time and less stress. The years should be enjoyed since the old age can be nice. Since the belonging feeling is very important, the least the Government can provide is a space for old people. If there are 80 thousand clubs in Denmark, we should be able to provide one in each Local Self-Government. I wish you were happy and healthy, said Mr. Rasim Ljajić to the retired persons and declared the 5th BG Third Age Fair opened.