The professional side event program begins on Friday, April 20, at 11.00 a. m. by the meeting organized by the Belgrade company Bexel Consulting and the topic is “Integrated Management of Civil Construction Projects by the Implementation of Beam Technology”.

At the same time, just lasting two hours longer – until 3.00 p. m., Designer High School will process several topics – Façade Painting Processing through Historical Periods, Painting Processing of Swimming Pool Surfaces, Possibilities of the Glass Mosaic and it will present also the architecture of Dragiša Brašovan and Zaha Hadid, as well as her influence to our space.

Who the most successful this year’s exhibitors, participants, trade publics and visitors are, will be known at noon, when there is the Festive Awarding of the traditional recognitions of the Building Trade Fair.

Also at noon, Stone Studio Association will feature to the interested participants “Stone Shaping in the Traditional and Contemporary Serbian Art”.

“Implementation of UAV Technology in the Spatial Data Collecting and Visualization” is the topic processed since 1.30 p. m. by Nenad Brodić, Assistant at Belgrade Faculty of Civil Engineering and then Assistant Marija Petronijević will present “Beam Technology Studying in the Education at the Faculty of Civil Engineering”.

The representatives of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia will speak since 2.30 p. m. about “Standardization within Roof Tiles at the European Market”.

Today’s professional side event program ends by the meeting organized from 3.30 p. m. to 5.00 p. m. by Serbian Houses from Belgrade. For this year’s Building Trade Fair they selected several topics. “Monastery Inns – The Transition Form from the National to the Sacral Architecture” is the section to be featured by the Architect Tihomir Obradović. “The House between the Past and Present Time” is the topic to be spoken by Milutin Dedić, and “Church Architecture Development” will be processed by the Architect Sava Ristić. Interesting will be also the speech of Dr. Nebojša Gazdić, who will speak about “The Architectural Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija”. “The Old House Reconstruction” is the expert lecture of Radojko Obradović, and “The Tradition of the National Building on Photographs” is the topic of Stanko Kostić, Painting Artist Photography.

“Serbian House from Lepenski Vir” is the title of the presentation by the Architect Hristivoje Pavlović.