Topola is 80 kilometers far from Belgrade and its convenient geographic position at the crossroads makes it an inevitable travel destination. At the peak of Oplenac Hill, there is St. George’s Church and the Mausoleum of Karađorđević Royal Family and the King Petar I Karađorđević Foundation, at present famous as Petar’s House. The museum/gallery is situated in it with thematic exhibitions related to Karađorđević Dinasty. At the entrance into the Memorial Park Oplenac, there is Winegrower’s House – a gallery with the painting exhibition of Nikola Graovac.

The famous Royal, Oplenac wines have once more become very much demanded. Many tourists ‘crown’ their visit to Topola and Oplenac by the visit to many wineries – The Royal Wineries, Oplenac company in Topola, Aleksandrović and Arsenijević Wineries in Vinča, as well as two wineries in the village of Lipovac – Rogan and Lipovac.

Under the roof of Karađorđe Inn, built in 1811, there is at present the permanent memorial exhibition Prince Karađorđe.