“The Balkan Architectural Biennale” is the title of the meeting held at the Building Trade fair within the Professional Side Event Program on Thursday, April 19, from 10.00 a. m. to 3.00 p. m. The meeting will be announced on behalf of the host – SEEBBE by Dejana Cahun and Dr. Tatjana Mrđenović, AIA, will speak about the conceptual idea.

The professional institutions in charge and the Local Self-Governments will be introduced by Đorđe Milić from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Ivana Vuletić from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and  Milutin Folić, Belgrade City Urbanist.

The second topic is Investment and Real Estate Sector, which will be spoken by Professor Dr. Slavenko Grgurević, Evrobalkan – Research and Development Association and  Bojana Stanković, Twist Box, while the Design Office Sector will be presented by Jugoslav Janjić, D.A. Design Architecture, Irena Ilić, Traffic Institute.

CIP, Professor Msc. Petar Arsić, Arco Projekt, as well as Professor Dr. Jovan Despotović.

From the noon to 4.00 p. m., at the outdoor space in front of the Hall 1, the representatives of Belgrade Faculty of Civil Engineering will speak from the expert point of view about house construction.

The time from 1.00 p. m. to 5.00 p. m. is reserved for the promotion of the Russian company.

Docke Extruzion.

TIM Izolirka company from Šid will present since 3.30 p. m. “Composite Panels and Their Implementation in the Present Time”.