Organized by The Serbian Lighting Committee, within the professional side event program, “The Lighting Technique Day” was held already on the first day of the 62nd Technical Fair.

The experts announced the proper lighting of the working premises was extremely important, since most employees spend a quarter of a day sitting in the office. The experts say the problem is that in addition to a comfortable armchair and a good computer, the productivity is considerably influenced also by the relevant lighting and it is often forgotten.

Dragan Vučković from The Serbian Lighting Committee pointed out good and bad practice examples. He reminded for the lighting of all indoor rooms, including the working ones, significant were the lighting level and value, the shining distribution, flashing limit, the direction of the lighting use and its modelling, temperature, colors, etc.

  • Since 2012, the recommended lighting level in Serbia has been 250 to 300 lux. These values are related to offices and classrooms. If the requirements are higher, such as in laboratories and some technical drawing offices, then the lighting level grows not more than until 500 lux and in some cases, such as surgery rooms, it reaches even two thousand lux, explained Vučković. – The investor defines this by the design task, although legally, he is not obliged to do so. In order to have best possible lighting, it is desirable that the ceiling is as light colored as possible. At glass surfaces, the reflexing is law. This, it is desirable the room has got curtains, pointed out Vučković, speaking about the recommended standards.

He said, during the furniture selection, the architects should take care of the reflexing and it should be diffused, rather than shining. Errors happen in the contemporary industrial design, where ceilings are dark and reflexing low. In such rooms, people feel squeezed, as if they were pressed by someone.

Commenting the trend of the change to the LED lighting, Vučković highlighted the recommended light temperature, if one turns to this lighting type due to saving, should be four thousand degrees kelvin, although a part of the experts defend the attitude three thousand degrees kelvin should be the upper limit, due to some negative influences.

In addition to Belgrade Fair, “The Lighting Technique Day” was supported also by Amiga from Kraljevo, BUCK from Belgrade, DC Energocoop, Energoprojekt Entel, Ekoš Belgrade, Electrolux from Russia, Mašinoprojekt Kopring, Meteor, Philips Lightning, S&R Magma.