As a socially responsible company, Belgrade Fair does not take care of the environmental protection only during the International Fair of the Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair. This event was just the reason for the Fair to make a business deal with one of the exhibitors – Motogrini Gruppo and purchase for its needs an electric scooter. From now on, another Motogrini e:motion 1572 will will cruise all over Belgrade, a battery scooter with the batteries charged from the common home socket outlet. This cost effective two-wheeler will be branded, having visible signs of the events attended by Motogrini Gruppo, the only company importing electric scooters into Serbia and these are three trade fairs – EcoFair, Energy and iSEC.

Beside Belgrade Fair’s contribution to the environmental protection, since the Fair drivers will carry out many activities in the city using the scooter, rather than the car emitting exhaust gases, this will have also a significant financial effect, since only – one RSD should be paid for 10 km riding on this scooter. It is probably needless to mention the electric scooter does not use oil, has no transmission belt, spark plugs or carburator.