Dog fans will have the opportunity on Sunday, November 19, to enjoy at Belgrade Fair, since on that date there is the 61st International Exhibition of All Breed Dogs – CACIB.

Organized by the Cynology Association of the Republic of Serbia, in the Halls 1 and 4, the owners will present more than a thousand dogs from more than 30 countries and they will be estimated by prominent judges from Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Estonia and Ukraine.

At this exhibition of four legged pets, there are also several competitions: Best in Show – the selection of the most beautiful dog, Agility Show – sport competition, Junior Handling – the selection of the best young dog.

Alpha Citizen Association will adapt a part of the program to the youngsters and Draževac Dog Shelter will organize home finding for the neglected dogs.

CACIB is open from 7.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m. and the entry ticket price is RSD.300.00.