This day will be remembered by many dog lovers and dog owners by the 66th CACIB, Belgrade International Dog Show, organized by the Serbian Kennel Club.

Grandiose halls 1 and 4 of Belgrade Fair have been reserved for this spectacular event!

The catalog of this spring’s exhibition includes 1,035 dogs of all breeds competing for the title of the most beautiful dog. 1,022 dogs fall into 10 FCI groups, whilst 13 of them are outside FCI. Dogs will be coming from about twenty countries and will be judged by just as many canine judges from about fifteen countries.

The number of reported “participants” in various groups is dominated by: American Staffordshire Terrier (48), Cane Corso (45), German Shepherd (41), Doberman – black with spots (30), Bulldog and Central Asian Shepherd (26 each), French Bulldog and Yugoslavian Shepher Dog (21 each), Presa Canario, Jack Russell Terrier, German Spitz, German Shorthaired Pointer and Labrador Retriever (20 each), Dogo Argentino (18), German Shorthaired Pointer (17), Akita and Boston Terrier (16 each) , Miniature Schnauzers – black and silver, Yorkshire Terrier, Chow Chow and American Akita (15 each), Caucasian Ovcharka Dog and Curly Bichon (14 each), Rottweiler and Siberian Husky (13 each), Belgian Shepherd Dog – Malinois and German Hunt Terrier (po 12), Doberman – brown with a spot, bull terrier, Serbian hound, Lagotto Romagnolo and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (11 each), German Shepherd Longhaired Dog and Bernese Mountain Dog (10 each).

As part of the event, the Agility Show – a sports competition for highly trained dogs, as well as Junior Handling – selection for the best young guide dog will be taking place. At the end of the event, the Best in Show will be organized in the center ring – selection for the most beautiful dog of the show, which is usually the most appealing part of the event.

CACIB is held twice a year at Belgrade Fair. This spring marks the beginning, whilst the autumn marks the end of the canine season in our country.