The 45th International SEEBBE Building Trade Fair was officially opened at Belgrade Fair in the presence of large numbers of visitors, guests, exhibitors and experts, and is by far the largest construction industry event of its kind across the whole Southeast Europe.

The fair was opened by Ms. Aleksandra Damnjanovic, a State Secretary of the Ministry of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure. She was pleased with the fact that the Building Trade Fair is hosting more and more exhibitors year after year, and that as such it has become even more successful in innovation across every segment. Moreover, she further explained that many reforms have been introduced in the construction sector, which are especially visible in the field of electronic cadaster, electronic system for issuing building permits, as well as in planned short timeframes for passing both spatial and urban plans.

Ms. Aleksandra Damnjanovic also pointed out to the fact that at this stage many buildings and facilities are being erected at over forty thousand construction sites across Serbia, which is certainly important for the prosperity of Serbian construction industry. The results regarding construction of highways and roads have been summarized, and new projects announced, such as the reconstruction of Serbian railway network.

Mr. Branislav Jovanovic also addressed the audience on behalf of “Roloplast Mosić” Company, that is an official sponsor of the 45th International Building Trade Fair”, and invited all stakeholders in the construction industry in Serbia to build and generate new ideas together.

The fair orgaized between 17 April and 20 April 2019, under the slogan “Building the Future Together“, will also be appealing to wider audience apart from traditional record number of business visitors taking part in active business operations. The Fair is an ideal opportunity for citizens to purchase materials, products and tools for renovation, restoration and reconstruction, construction, as well as interior and exterior equipment at the most favorable prices and under special conditions. The exhibitors at the Building Trade Fair have prepared exclusive fair benefits and discounts ranging between 5 and 30% for their products and services, as well as special payment terms and possibility of purchase on credit.

Working hours:
from Wednesday, 17 April until Saturday 19 April 2019, between 10:00 and 19:00
on Saturday, 2 April, 2019, from 10:00 until 17:00.

Tickets: Single tickets cost RSD 400.00, whereas group tickets cost RSD 250.00.

Tickets for pupils and students: RSD 150.00 with a report book and transcript booklet.

Business pass (which includes a package of business visitors’ benefits is valid throughout all fair days and provides access to and use of Business Lounge services, i.e., hot and cold beverages, Wi-Fi, use of computers and printers …) can be bought at the price of RSD 2,000.00.

Parking: RSD 150.00 an hour