Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO), operating under the auspices of Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, presents at the 62nd Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements the achievements of several major companies.

ADRIAN GROUP is the world famous manufacturer of energy systems, designed for the heating of large facilities or cooling and system control: Adrian-Rad – dark-infrared gas boilers and ceramic infrared heaters with the alternative of the infrared electric power use; Adrian-Air – high capacity hot air units, as well as decentralized hot air gas units with low capacity and five years guarantee to the heat exchangers and curtain doors; Evaporative Cooling – high capacity coolers using the natural breeze and water action with the maximal effect, minimal investments and operational costs; Destratification – a simple solution for the maintenance of the desired temperature system and the costs reduction; Multi-Rad – microprocessor control system for energy consumption management and the control in the heating zones.

EKOSERVIS SLOVAKIA is the leader at Slovak market in the solution providing for waste water cleaning by implementation of the new membrane technology for the Municipalities up to 50 thousand inhabitants, as well as tourism facilities, shopping malls, agricultural processing facilities and the consumers in the industrial sector. The water processed by their technologies may be recycled, it is used as technical water in the agriculture and at the locations with strict environmental protection requirements (for instance National Parks).

EKOSERVIS SLOVAKIA offers a wide range of waste water cleaning units, from the smallest to the large ones, adaptable to any purpose. The product range includes devices for container waste water cleaning and municipal waste water cleaning plants. As a complex contractor, the company offers its buyers the technological process design, detailed manufacturing design, production, installation, starting, operation and repair, as well as consulting services.

The company was established in 1990 and ever since has been successfully executing projects in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.

HM TRANSTECH S.R.O. is a family company, established in 1997, since the establishing it has been dealing in development, production and sales of metal processing machines.

A wide range of the folding machines, Guillotine shears, metal sheet and other products cutting lines are the guarantee the company can provide affordable and technically optimal machines for small manufacturers, but also for medium-sized and large companies manufacturing a wider range of products.

In addition to the above mentioned ones, the company manufactures also special customized machines.

EMSYST spol. s.r.o. is a Slovakian technological company with 23 years long history. It develops and manufactures force sensors, special machines and other equipment within measurement technology. The force and torque sensors are designed mostly for the industrial use, for instance for the force measurement at the press, hydraulic cylinders and other machines. Measurement range is from 50 N to 3,000 kN.

The company manufactures also the additional equipment for sensors, signal conditioners, indicators and data collection systems. Manufacturing of special machines is focused on the testing machines, scales and the machines adapted to the industry. For instance, famous are the rubber industry scales. High qiality of these products, implementation of contemporary technologies and the natural environment care are the elements making EMSYST spol. s.r.o. a successful and growing company at the market.

THERMO/SOLAR Ziar is one of the largest European manufacturers of high quality solar thermal collectors, frame holders for the collectors and PV panels, special solar pumps and thermosiphon solar boilers for water.

With more than 40 years of the product durability, their solar collectors are designed to work under sharp climatic conditions, including the areas with high humidity, desert regions or high mountains. They are manufactured from high quality materials produced by European manufacturers.

THERMO/SOLAR collectors are suitable for a wide range of applications – hot water, swimming pool and space heating, sea water desalination, support to heat pumps, etc. They are used in small installations in family houses, as well as in large installations in hotels, hospitals, etc.