Green flag is on! This year’s International Motor Show, which is the most prestigious and oldest regional event in the automotive industry, as well as the International Motopassion Motorcycle, Quad, Scooter and Equipment Show, begins on 22 March and lasts for ten days – until 31 March.

All types of road transport, automobile and related industries, light delivery vehicles and garage-service equipment will be on display, as well as adequate sevices such as those by accompanying banks, leasing and insurance companies.

Seven days before the official opening of the Show and in line with the participants list which is growing by the day, this year’s Motor Show 2019 will host altogether 35 automotive brands. Out of that number, 26 brands have registered as many as 48 new vehicles, whilst 15 have announced an additional 32 novelties or redesigns. As regards the light motor vehicle sector, this year’s fair will display 11 brands.

 “Motopassion”, will host as many as 36 brands, whereas 23 brands have registered 50 new vehicles.

In the abundance of brands, models, premieres and novelties, some visitors will for sure heavily rely on their own eyes and ears thus enjoying the design, performance and sounds of these powerful machines, whereas some of them will make haste and thus bump into the opportunity to buy a good new car or a motorcycle under favorable fair conditions.

Both distributors and importers became aware of such opportunities motivated by the last year’s successful business operations on the domestic market, and “driven” by the last year’s successful Belgrade Motor Show. According to Serbian Association of Vehicle and Parts Importer data, 7% more new cars were sold in 2018 compared to 2017 in Serbia. This is particularly true for light commercial vehicles, whose growth, due to specific terms of sale financing, literally experienced a boom in some segments (it is estimated that a minimum of 50 vehicles are needed in a solid economic situation for each new factory, which is an excellent opportunity for buying a car exclusive of VAT). On the whole, this is the first serious growth of the Serbian automotive market in the last few years reaching an unprecedented number of over 25,000 passenger cars and some 5,550 light commercial vehicles. (A place for market development is seen by the sellers in the assessment according to which the Serbian market is ready for about 60,000 vehicles.) Customers have also seen around 2,000 luxury vehicles, including a significant number of those exceeding the price of EUR 200,000.

By getting accustomed to this trend, the vast majority of importers and distributors, seeing an eye to eye in this situation, opted for fair benefits not only during but also before the fair or due to the fair. The list of such benefits are fixed-term deposits made at the end of the fair, and some sellers have explicitly emphasized that pre-fair offers are far more favorable at the fair as well as those during the fair and that there will be none at the fair. It is clear that under the current market circumstances, this principle of stimulating sales, which is not limited by the duration of the fair, is far more favorable for both sellers and potential buyers.

Euro Sumar, the importer and repairer of Suzuki’s cars and motorcycles, seems to have been the first one to reduce the price of vehicles of this brand, and which in December in 2018 informed the public that there will be no further price reductions at the fair. Almost all sellers who later announced financial benefits to their customers have seen nothing but advantages in this approach. This has not prevented them from offering an abundance of benefits relative to purchase in a variety of formats – in cash, credit, leasing, fair bonuses, privileged interest rates or without them, most often, with a significant dose of “personalization” of financing conditions. On the other hand, it is important that buyers benefit from the fair purchase and that such benefits are not irrelevant. Moreover, they are often very stimulating.

The fair will start working from 10:00 until 20:00, whereas the last day of the fair will be opened to public from 10:00 until 19:00.

Individual tickets will cost RSD 400.00, group tickets RSD 300.00, group tickets for pupils and students RSD 200.00, whereas tickets for the “Family Day” (for parents with children under 16 years of age) RSD 800.00. Parking fee at the fair will total RSD 150.00 per hour.