With the presence of numerous high guests, exhibitors and visitors, in Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair the 42nd International Nautical, Hunting & Fishing Fair was ceremoniously opened.

The Fair will be held from the 7th to the 11th of April 2022, under the slogan “Sail, cast, catch”. This specialized regional event is intended for lovers and users of all types of sails, water sports and diving, hunting and fishing equipment, nautical, camp and outdoor equipment.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure in the Government of the Republic of Serbia Tomislav Momirovic, has expressed his gratitude towards the fact that “events and assemblies are coming back after a break”.

“Nautical tourism is the future of this country”, he stated. “Serbia is a country of vast but underutilized potentials on the Danube, Tisa, Sava … The whole world admires our country because of its nature characteristics, Djerdap gorge, where the Danube is the narrowest, but also the part of Danube near Golubac where the Danube is the widest. On the Danube we have many old fortresses – Rama, Gloubac, Kalemegdan, Petrovaradin, near the Danube is also the Viminaciom, and on its coast is the Lepenski Vir.

“This Ministry”, he stated, “in cooperation with the Port Agency, for the maximized usage of all tourist potentials, is taking numerous measures so that we are able to build a base port infrastructure for travel cruisers. Until the start of the pandemic we have had an exponential growth of the number of foreign tourists who visited our country via cruisers. In 2019 alone we have had near 250.000 travelers. Corona has put a stop to that, but we are announcing that we will this year already have a great recovery and that the significance of new investments will become visible regarding ports. After a multi-decade neglecting of traffic and port infrastructure we wish to systematical initiate investments in the sector of water transport and infrastructure”.

“Serbia will invest half a billion euros in the development of water transport, which will radically change water transport and corridors. These are the investments in ports and safety of navigation, but also in the regulation of our rivers to be navigable 350 days a year. When it comes to nautical tourism, investments in the development of the marine, in new boat mooring are ahead of us. This is a way to additionally enrich the tourist offer, not only on large rivers but also on the network of the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal. That way we will enable the domestic and foreign tourists the opportunity to see all of the beauties”, stated Minister Momirovic.

Dr. Nenad Ivanišević, Provincial Secretary for Economy and Tourism in the Provincial Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, has thanked the Belgrade Fair for “Not being on the Zoom platform, but rather face to face” after a long time.

“For Vojvodina as the most developed region in the Republic of Serbia it is important that we all bring the Danube closer to the citizens of Serbia. The Danube is still and often a metaphor of poetic categories, but today we should all together make additional effort to make it an attraction such as the Belgrade Waterfront, as the Belgrade – Novi Sad train the attraction of the entire Serbia… Therefore we should all develop many projects to help our people meet the Danube and other navigable waterways.

“The only good thing which this pandemic has left behind is that our citizens have gotten to know our country, although we should have met the beauty of the Krupanj spring, for example, even sooner, or the pink lake in Pacir. Therefore let’s not wait for the next pandemic, but start all of this today, together with the competent Ministry begin with the works on nautical tourism. The creation of a new strategy of tourism development for the next five years for Vojvodina is currently in progress. The concept of an active vacation is characteristic for the tourism of Vojvodina, and after the activities come the good salases (farms), wine, food and – good people. Therefore I wish for this to be the new beginning of the development of nautical and hunting tourism in entire Serbia”, Ivanisevic concluded.

Director of the Serbian Port Management Agency Vuk Perovic has pointed out the significance of the navigable and port infrastructure in the sense of the entire nautical economy, reminding of the investments which have elevated this economic sector on a significantly higher level. He underlined the significance and range of the cruiser tourism, which has extraordinary potential, but demands a systemic and systematic care of each individual dock and its background.

He stated that in the near future, investments are coming, so that the boats and yachts which sale into the marine will have secure berths and water and electricity supply. The intention is to secure the conditions so that at least five percent of the tourism income comes from its nautical segment.

Current trends and ranges in various segments of domestic and regional nautical economy will be presented as well as in hunting and fishing activities, from industrial and economic to sport, recreational or tourist. The visitors will have at their disposal the representative offer of speedboats, yachts, sail boats, rowboats, scooters, board and outboard engines, watersports equipment, trainings, charters and other elements of nautical tourism. Participation at the fair was announced by more than 100 direct and indirect exhibitors.

A significant part of the exhibition program is adapted for river navigators, lovers of Sava, the Danube, lakes and navigable canals. Those who enjoy in regattas, rafting and other sport-recreational-tourist activities which the water potentials of Serbia enable, won’t be left hanging.

The Hunting-Fishing segment of the Fair, which had been expanding for the past couple of years in comparison to the nautical, with number and variety of exhibitors, then the quality of exhibits, by rule is able to justify the trust and meet the serious requests of the exhibitors. This year as well the exhibitors will offer exceptionally high quality items, including both global novelties and current ones. Out biggest importers and distributers will present the hunting weapons, ammunition and confection, fishing rods and all other fishing equipment. A large number of craftsmen is expected, whose products have become known and requested world-wide, wherever people fish.

The Fair is taking place in Halls 1 & 4 of the Belgrade Fair. The working hours of the Fair will be from 10 to 19 hours, and the last day of the Fair from 10 to 16 hours. The ticket price is 400 rsd, and parking in the area of the Fair is charged 150 rsd per hour.