Plentiful side event program is characteristic also for the 43rd International Building Trade Fair. The first event on Thursday, April 20, has been appointed for 10.00 a. m. at the outdoor space – Interactive presentation of the new crane HUP 40-30 – KIGO. The presentations will be repeated at 11.00 a. m. and at noon.

Almost the whole day program, starting at 11.00 a. m., is devoted also to The Day of Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, under Cooperation with Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After the Introduction Speech of the Ministry Representative, the program will include four conferences: Facility Construction for the Electric Vehicle Charging at the Road Infrastructure and in Urban Environments; E-Government – Construction Permit Electronic Issuance System; System CREP – Central Register of Energy Passports; Smart City Concept and Development Enhancement of Serbian Cities.

At 1.00 p. m. Impol Seval has got its promotion, under the assistance of the international creative theater – Event Theatre Serpentes, by its performance The Aluminum Age. After this attractive presentation, follows the classic one.

Construction Investments is the topic of the lecture by Dr. Goran Ćirović, Professor at the Higher Civil Engineering and Geodetic School, University of Belgrade at 3.00 p. m.

ENEF Cluster President, Professor Dr. Zoltan Zavargo, will speak at the lecture under the title     Energy Efficiency and Clusterizing.